Some cool shit!

Hey ya’ll —

I wanted to drop in again and let you know some cool shit that’s happened.

First: The run for Fuck It is completely sold out!!! I can’t believe it… what a fucking surreal feeling. Thank you to those who bough it, reviewed it and supported me on this wild ass journey. You’ve honestly made my childhood dreams come true. Just… wow. While you cannot purchase Fuck It through the publisher anymore – it was a limited run of 100 – I do have ten copies. Five of those copies are being sold in a bundle with my latest chapbook To Swallow the Summer and five are being sold individually. If you’re interested in purchasing one, please email me through my contact page and we can get that going!

Next cool thing: I was awarded the 2021 Excellence in Poetry Award over at Cinnabar Moth Publishing – you can check out their blurb on me here. Also I did an hour long podcast wth them which you can listen to below.

I also got this nifty little image to put here… marvel at it’s beauty, ya’ll! 


So yeah… thank you all for making this happen for me. You’re making the little girl inside me scream in delight.



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