Buk 100 | Life Updates

With great hootin’ and hollerin’ and titties-a-floppin’, I’m excited to say that I’ve been included in Newington Blue Press’ Buk 100 Vol. 2!

I am joined by many INCREDIBLE writers such as:

The man, himself, Charles Bukowski, Ad Winans, Abel Debritto, Alan Catlin, Alexander Limarev, Alicia Mathias, Amy Barry, Anggo Genorga, Brian Whitmore, Bryn Fortey, Catfish McDaris, Cedric Barnaud, Clint Lukas (with Marina Bukowski), Christiane Nebel, Misty Illustrations, Dan Provost, Dana St. Mary, Daniel W. Wright, Danny Koslowski, Dracu Laruen, Eric Robert, Nolan Gabor, Gyukics Giovanni Manginate, Henry Hughs, Jack Henry, Ipshita Chakraborty, Jenn Hall, Joan Jobe – Smith, John Guzlowski, Leon Joron, Chava Silberstein, M. Mrazfield, Mark Cramer, Matthew Cooper, Matt Dennison, Matt Dukes Jordan, Matt Micheli, Melissa Todd, Michael D. Amitin, Michael D. Meloan, Monica Mastrantoni, Niles Reddick, Opher Goodwin, Ron Hard, Ronald P. Bremner, Shannon Laws, Ted Giffen, Tobe Damit, Tohm Bakelas, Westley Heine, Yi Jung, Zachary Guadamour, pLopLop, Paul Maher Jr., Sid Yiddish, Jami Cassady, Brian Rihlmann, Falko Henning, Paul Tanner, Bradford Middelton, Bruce Hodder, The Drunken Odyssey with John King, Hillary King, Januz Zalewski, Jay Rohr, John Greiner, John Patrick Robbins, Karol Neilson, Miriam Sagan, RP Verlaine, Wayne F. Burke, John Castellenas, Joe Callanan, Shelby Snow, and many, many more.

The aim is to print and publish this second volume before Christmas! The cost is  15,00 € (due to the larger volume of the Chapbook they slightly raised the price) plus 5,00 € shipping within Europe. Overseas shipping is 10,00 €. 

Way of payment: www.paypal.me/charlesbukowski

Inquire at press@newington.blue

Trust me… I already got mine, cuz I know this one is going to sell out so fast it’ll burn the press up!

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