Sweaty Dreams | Poems that Suck

 Never read 
                     before bed.
                       You'll dream of 
                           shitty apartments, 
                               empty, rattling 
                                        wine bottles, 
                                            and  scabby hookers. 
                Then, mid dream, 
                    you'll realize
                        you're sweating
                                   between your ass cheeks.    

8 Replies to “Sweaty Dreams | Poems that Suck”

      1. I am a Bukowski fan myself. I met him a long time ago. I was traveling the coastline of California and I didn’t who he was that day. , reading at poetry readings off highway one and drinking. I bought drinks for him and he read my work. He was mean as the devil and he told me. My poetry was shit, suffer more and you will become a good writer. I look forward to reading them. Bukowski wrote what he wanted and became famous. He didn’t allow it to change him.

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      2. LOL I’m not surprised he was mean. He always said he treated men infinitely worse than women… and that should really say something. I do love his writing, the courage there… just to say it plainly.

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      3. Absolutely … and his love poems were the best. They don’t idealize love, turn into some flower bullshit… he talks about the reality of it. I like that honesty.

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