A Pool Skimmer | Poems that Suck

Battles for life happen
  in the desert;

My desert was a 
 shitty community pool,
   brimming with gallons of
    toddler piss
         fart bubbles.

I'd hopped the fence at 4 a.m. 
       fearful I'd skewer my cunt
         and be stuck like that
                 under the humid

I'd jumped in with my, 
   His clothes on, 
     like some pathetic
            Even my Chuck Taylor's 
               which made me feel so
                    Rock 'n Roll.

I could hear my breathing, 
   my heartbeat;
        Thump, thump.
             Thump,  thump. 

And I sent up a prayer to
     God was listening. 
       Even if it was 
         nothing at all. 

Just let me die, 
  in this piss 
     filled pool 
       and in the morning some
         poor slob can fish me out.
            Long handled skimmer;
               and me too dead to care about
                    the burden. 

2 Replies to “A Pool Skimmer | Poems that Suck”

  1. Your words really overwhelmed me, on a humanistic level I wish I could just give you a hug & state that based on the brief interaction that we have had so far I have observed that you are a wonderful writer with a kind soul. You are amazing in your own unique way & please never forget that. I really hope that you always smile as big as river Nile. Keep it up with the magic of your words!

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