Punk Noir Magazine

My Bloody Valentine

I want to live with you.

Inside of you.

To stretch myself under

your ribcage and

wrap my nervous system around

your spinal column,

to kiss your tarry, smoke-

blackened lungs,

croon to your liver,

caress your spleen.

I want to love you from

the inside.

To wear your flesh as

my own

and to appropriate

your eyes

so that I could see the beauty you do.

I want you.

For your blood to

be my own, and to be connected

with you forever.

A Love Poem Told in Hair

I want you to find

my hair in your bed;

a rainbow of reds, pinks,

browns, blues, greens, blonde

and maybe even a little bit of gray.

I want you to find

it wrapped around the

base of your cock when

you take a shower, and

between your ass cheeks, in

your mouth when you eat lunch,

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