To Swallow the Summer | Book Announcement

Hey Ya’ll, 

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up — my second collection of poetry just dropped over at Budget Press yesterday! Can you fucking believe that shit?? I know I keeps saying it, but I cannot tell how you god damn WEIRD it is to have two books published — like, this shit was a dream of mine since I was 5 years old. And now it’s happened. Just… surreal, man. 

lj coverReally, all this shit is because of you guys — all of you who follow, like and sometimes comment on my shit. The love is overwhelming, and I am so incredible grateful for all of you (about 100 or so here, and 300 over on the asshole of the internet [twitter]) If I could give you all a happy ending, I totally would — but I just don’t have that many frequent flyer miles, hands or time, really. Just know I really, really appreciate you all. 

Anywho — on to the book. This is a very different collection than Fuck It – much softer and it’s a cohesive collection, meaning it’s telling a story that just happens to be written in poems.  Johnnie B. Baker over at Budget press was a peach to work with — he’s the one that chose the title and the cover art, so this is as much his baby as it is mine.  And check this shit out — it’s only $4 USD! 

Also!!! I recorded a podcast with Johnnie earlier this summer in prep for the release — and I think that’s coming out on Monday. I’ll make sure to post the link so you can hear it — it’s very short, and has about 5 poems from this collection in it. You’ll actually be able to hear my voice. 🙂 

So, yeah, you can buy it here

And if you do, please make sure to rate / review it over at GoodReads



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