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Eye of the Hurricane | Poems that Suck

I could feel your presence -
 passionate, intense like the eye
  of a hurricane - just outside the

My fingers hesitated on the 
 lock for just a moment - a
   heartbeat - before letting you

You slipped in, as silent 
 and light footed as a shadow,
  simultaneously locking the door

pushing me against the wall
 with your slim body. I folded
  beneath the slight pressure of

mouth, both urgent and exquisitely,
 painfully slow. My breath caught in
  my chest, head spinning with

And before I knew it,
  you sank to your knees and
   began removing my pants with your 
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Sexual Insomnia | Poems that Suck

I think about you late at night,

when I’m trying to fall asleep

which is counterproductive to



I think about me stripped

bare beneath you, legs spread

wide in eager welcome and you



There is a feeling of awe

each time you slide into me

and I look down the long length

of you

(to watch).


Yet, even though these images

make the vein in my neck throb

I still fall into a deep, peaceful


Love · Sex

Waiting | Poems that Suck

"There's showers here,"
 I didn't think much of this information
  until I watched you walk toward the building -
   each step lingering - hope in every footprint. 

You stopped one last time, 
 at the doors of your destination
  and I could feel the glee of your 
   mischievous grin from across the field. 

I found you there, stripped
 bare and radiant in your beauty,
                        waiting for me...
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Ain’t That Somethin’ | Poems that Suck

When I was 19 I had this 
 boyfriend and he was a little
  strange; a little too in to women's
   silky panties, a little too intellectual.
                                          ya dig?

Anyway, this one time when we
 were fucking, he jumped up on my
  chest and swung his little ass around
   and wanted me to blow him from the back. 

Now, I've seen and done a lot of
 weird and kinky shit since then but, 
  you never forget the first time you see
    the back of someone's ball bag. Magnificent.