Free Verse · Love · Sex

Passion Fruit | Poems that Suck

We bit into the tender,

                                                              pink flesh

of some exotic fruit.

Its thin, sweet juice dripping

                                                 from our

lips, and I wondered

what it would be like

                                        if he 

bit into me like that.

Free Verse · Humor

You Need Humor to Make it Out Alive | Poems that Suck

 I shit my pants once -
 now, hear me out: 

 I was eating Chinese,
 a greasy eggroll, 
 so greasy I made
 a comment 
 out loud
 about it. 

 Against my better judgement
 I ate the thing 
 anyway. Hours
 later, I left work
 not thinking
 about that

 I gambled and lost, 
 as they say, and
 I began laughing
 because what
 else can 
 you do
 with your
 pants full of shit
 and a 15 minute 
 ride home? 
Free Verse · Love · Sex

Triptych Part I (The First Kiss) | Poems that Suck

We lie on the rocky
the night sky spread
wide like an eager

We were talking but I
             was distracted,
our fingers were nearly
touching and I was

Then you slid out of
              your clothes;
I was determined not to
look at the narrow beauty
                      of you.

But I was compelled to
                  join you
in the water; a cool 
kiss on my skin in the
                   thick humidity.

You slipped beneath the still,
                      dark surface
seizing my wrist gently
to take me further out
                  to sea.
                                          (and, God, I was willing)

Then you reappeared, you hair
                     plastered to
your face, and for a wild
moment I wondered if that's what
                      Jesus looked like.

And as I tried to figure
                  this out,
I became aware that you
were slowly coming closer, 
                   and closer. 

We watched each other like
                      two battle
weary cats, projecting our
intentions so there could be
                         no mistake. 

Then you were hovering
                   above me, 
and I swallowed with difficulty,
licking my lips to prepare for
                       the inevitable. 

It began gently, as if testing
                       the waters
but, fire began roiling 
through my veins and I just...
                      let go. 

It was as if the sky
                 caught fire
and I could still see the fierce
blaze through my tightly shut 
                        eye lids. 
Free Verse · Humor

Sweaty Dreams | Poems that Suck

 Never read 
                     before bed.
                       You'll dream of 
                           shitty apartments, 
                               empty, rattling 
                                        wine bottles, 
                                            and  scabby hookers. 
                Then, mid dream, 
                    you'll realize
                        you're sweating
                                   between your ass cheeks.    
Depression · Free Verse · Hope

October Maple | Poems that Suck

 I never noticed before,
          there's a maple tree
             just outside my window.
                 I can see it as I 
                     soak in water that's
                          so hot my skin should melt. 
                        Its blood red leaves
                     are nearly gone,
                   limbs bending in the breeze
               and I wonder what 
              what it must feel 
           to be stripped bare and
          have the wind rip 
         through me. 
           I imagine it would slip
               the spaces between my ribs,
                 maybe curl its way around
                    my age widened hips,
                      creep in where my eyes
                         would have been,
                            or that space between
                                my teeth that's always