Greetings from your humble faithfully filthy minded poet in residence.

Leia John is a writer and seminarian based in New York, USA.

She is a Masters Candidate in Social Ethics and Theology at Union Theological Seminary in Manhattan.

Her passion for writing began at a young age and blossomed into a full-on compulsion in her late teens. When she is not busy attempting to survive on coffee in an effort to finish her school work, she is either furiously scribbling in her notebook, walking around the house randomly shrieking or cuddling with her dogs.

Publications and Awards

2020 Anita McAndrews Poetry Award
Beloved: A Psalm for Palestine
Awarded First Place in the 2020 Anita McAndrews Poets for Human Rights contest.

2020 Bukowski 100th Birthday Vol. 2
Dope Fiend, Pissed & W.W.B.D?
An anthology of writing and art celebrating poet Charles Bukowski’s 100th Birthday. Published by Newington Blue Press.

Poetica 2 (2020)
October Maple
An multi-poet anthology published by Clarendon House Books.

Once Upon a Crocodile Issue 7 (2021)
The Shit You’ll See in Paris
Once Upon a Crocodile is an e-zine that focuses on publishing funny stories and poetry.

Anti-Heroin Chic Issue 19 (2021)
A Pool Skimmer
Anti-Heroin Chic is a collective journal of poetry, photography, art work, stories, essays, interviews and more

The Heretic
Staff Writer
Columnist for Israel-Palestine for the re-lauch of the UTS newspaper.